Easy Peasy DIY Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away- AHH! This year I decided to cheat the system a bit and do some DIY gifts and home projects (what’s new?) Christmas can get expensive- but it doesn’t have to! Here are some of my fav Christmas DIYs!

Some staple supplies that will make your life easier for Christmas crafting:

  • black and metallic silver and gold sharpies (oil based and/or regular)
  • essential oils
  • kraft paper
  • deli string
  • nice ribbon
  • plain old gift tags
  • mason jars (obvi)
  • patience

Now that you have the essentials, let’s get started on some gifts!

SHARPIE MUG- The obvious Pintrest gift is the sharpie mug. Get a plain white mug or dish from the dollar make her holler store, Walmart or Ikea and put those sharpies to use! You can personalize these bad boys for the person you are crafting for, too! They key to these is OIL BASED SHARPIES. Bake at 350 for 15-20 mins then turn off oven and leave in over until they are cooled down. Hand wash these guys only! I wouldn’t recommend dishwasher although I have read that some people are brave and do it.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE- Buy a cheap frame from the dollar store or thrift shop, get some pretty card stock and use those metallic sharpies again for the cutest personalized inspirational quote. Find an inspirational quote or scripture that best suites your person and get to writing! I’m trying my hand at calligraphy and so should you JUST for the sole purpose of this gift. You’d be surprised by how simple yet beautiful this is as a gift.

ANYTHING SEWN- If you own a sewing machine and can sew straight lines, the list can go on and on!
– Rice filled heating pad with a couple drops of essential oils
– Infinity scarf
-Super simple cuddle blankets
-Personalized Christmas stockings
The list goes on! Okay but honestly if you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t remember anything from HomeEc these are tougher to do.. That is unless you want to be a hero and hand stitch. Good luck with that though, all the power to you.

SPA KIT- Pull out your favorite essential oils for this one! You can do hand scrubs, body scrubs and bath salts!
-Epsom salt, coconut oil and essential oils for a relaxing, hydrating bath soak.
-Sugar, olive oil, essential oils for an exfoliating hand scrub.
– Coffee, olive oil and sugar for your coffee lovers who need a pick me up.
Can’t get any more simple that this! Put your mixers into a mason jar, kraft paper for your label and some cute ribbon and personalized gift tag to finish!

CANDLES- Whether in a mason jar or an old thrifted tea cup, candles just scream comfort (or fire if too close to your Christmas tree). You can buy chunks of wax and wicks from Michaels or any craft store OR be super thrifty and use old candles or Scentsy bars that lost their smell. Add some essential oils and maybe even a touch of color and there! Finito!

Okay, so now here are a couple things I have done that aren’t gifts but are equally as simple and perfect for Christmas:

FOLIAGE- Have some extra branches after giving your tree a trim? Sweet, put them to use. Either hang them on your wall, lay them across your mantle, tie them together to make a beautiful garland for over your doorways or fasten them together to make your wreath for your front door! My personal fav is making the wreath for the front door. Use the branches that are already in the curved shape and start weaving them all together. Fasten loose pieces with twine and your done! Go the extra mile and add some holly. The red berries are beaut and kick your wreath up an extra notch. Not only does it smell delicious, it’s trendy and shows your neighbors you don’t mess around when it comes to Christmas.

WRAPPING PAPER- The hip and trendy thing to do is super simple wrapping paper with some foliage accents. You best believe I am about that life! Kraft paper and deli string has been my go-to wrap for a while, but I’ve jazzed it up a bit with some fresh herbs and left over tree branches. Kraft paper is dirt cheap for the amount that you get on a roll, and if you cook with fresh herbs, have a real Christmas tree, or are anywhere near trees, you are set in the greenery department. OH! You can also use those metallic sharpies and draw all over the Kraft paper to make your own wrapping paper

CLOVES IN ORANGES- Sounds weird but looks wicked. Use these festive scented beauties for center pieces, ornaments or potpourri. Stick the fragrant whole cloves into the orange a fancy design (best done with a tough skin, not mandarin oranges!)  it smells great but also looks awesome! You can reuse these throughout the years because they dry nicely, too. When you’re done looking at them, pop them into boiling water or your fire for some scent! This is one DIY that my mom has been doing for ages and that I now love!

HOME SCENT- Its always nice to have the house smelling like Christmas right as the guests arrive! While you’re cooking dinner keep another element free on the stove. Simmer orange peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves and anything with a nice Christmas spice with a bit of water in the bottom of a small (like, single egg size) frying pan. Add more water as the water evaporates. This fills your kitchen with Christmas smells! That plus the smell of the Turkey and stuffing going. Ugh, to die for.

This is the never ended list that could continue on and on… But I won’t. There are so many easy DIY activities that you can do with a small budget and a little bit of time. So get to it and stay clear of the malls! I hope my ever growing list is helpful. Get creative and have fun!

Happy crafting to all, and to all a goodnight!1921F879-D4EB-4793-B4FB-A0AFE1BFABEE76CE2CD8-9BD4-4BE3-9628-E3E82BB50020



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