3 Step No Sew Scarf


Anyone who knows me know that I’m all about the scarves. I’m also all about cheap and DIY, so naturally once I found some fabric that caught my eye, I bought it and tried to figure out what to do next. Here’s how I made my over sized, no sew scarf!

Step 1: Buy Fabric
The obvious is you need to buy the fabric- Not just any fabric, double sided flannel fabric. Now this can be harder than you think. When I went to the fabric store and asked for double sided flannel, I was directed to a small section with limited colors and designs. Look online for it though, I’m sure you will have better luck! I found that flannel is the best for fraying the edges. You’ll only need about 1.5 meters of it, but that’s up to you depending on how big you want your scarf to be. When you get to the store you can ask to see it unraveled on the cutting table to see how long/big of a piece you want just to be sure.

Step 2: Cut fabric
This is ONLY necessary if you want a triangle shaped scarf. I did, so I cut (and of course I did this at 12am without measuring or cutting straight.) Don’t be like Shonagh, use a straight edge and a rotary cutter or a good pair of scissors to make sure it is even. With that being said, I eye-balled it and it didn’t turn out too bad. I figured once I wrapped it around my neck, no one but me would noticed it wasn’t perfectly even.

Step 3: Fray the edges
So here is where the fun begins. I’m that person that pulls on threads until I’ve lost half my sweater, so this was something I enjoyed doing.. Until I realized I have 2 other edges to do and the process was taking a while lol. You have to pull on the loose threads on the edges to get the fringe so yeah, it’s going to take some time. I highly suggest doing this in front of the TV or something. How long the fringe is is all up to you. I didn’t go too crazy at first, but I will eventually get around to more pulling until it is a bit longer. To secure the fringe so that more threads don’t start to un-ravel, you can either put little stitch in each corner or even a dot of hot glue.


Now you get to wear that scarf like it’s nobody’s business! That’s seriously it! People will be shocked when you say you’ve made your own scarf and are now rocking it, but will be even more flabbergasted by how simple it is to make.

I’m always on the hunt for a great fabric store, so if you know of any that have double sided fabric or tons of flannel PLEASE let me know!




2 thoughts on “3 Step No Sew Scarf

  1. I may try that as well! I love fashion and some really nice scarves can be pretty pricey. Plus it is fun to be creative and do something yourself. Way to go girl! Love your blog BTW, feels fresh and contemporary.


    • Thanks! About a year ago I got a sewing machine and that’s where the creative juices got going! Let me know if you try it and it works out! xoxo


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