About ME

I just want to have a place to share the cool stuff I do, whether that is discover cool places in nature, “ah-ha” moments or “God shots” in my walk of faith, when I eat awesome things and try out new foods, as well as give the inside scoop on planning my upcoming wedding, DIY projects and more! Basically all things life. 

I’m just trying to do life, like the rest of you. Having a blog means that I get to experience life and talk about it. I want to share my experiences- good and bad to inspire, teach and grow. If I want to have an interesting life, I have to get out and EXPERIENCE LIFE. This blog is motivation for me to get into the world, try new things, talk about real life and do what I love so that I may spark an interest in the people around me to do the same.

Until next time, Ciao for now, folks

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